My Former Life ???????????

I hope all of you are enjoying the Brooks & Dunn memories. At least I had fun writing them. Don't worry there's still more to come, we are just going to take a tiny break. Those of you that know me, know that I am extremely organized. I was looking back at some of my files and I came across something that inspired me to write a blog post.

In my former life I was a very successful  associate with "the company." And then one day they asked us (that would be Littleone and I) to be the corporate trainers for this area. We accepted that position and went to the company's corporate office for a two-day training. I remember us taking so many notes in that training, and then talking about different ideas and different things we thought we could do at our very first training.

To fast-forward and not to brag, but we became very successful trainers. Each training just got larger and larger. I will never forget the time that the old corporate trainer for our area was in our audience, and I felt slightly intimidated. But the very next training that we did, he was in our audience again and brought some of his people with him. He later pulled us aside and said that we did one of the best training sessions he had ever seen and he used to do them!

So anyway, the file that I ran across was the outline of the schedule for training. It brings back so many different memories of working with that company. I met many fantastic people in that company. It brings back times of great memories of who actually typed this document. I had a person that was with me for 10 years plus and as I looked back through the things that she typed and did, I really miss having that stability in my life. And yes, it brings back very good memories of Littleone and I together during those trainings.

I remember being in the kitchen in a particular hotel that we had booked for this training, and the way that we started we were hidden out of sight while someone else told the story and introduced us. I remember it like it was yesterday standing in that kitchen in a suit and tie listening to someone introduce us and then when the moment  came the crowd was clapping and standing up when we came out. It was probably the closest thing I'll ever have to feeling like a celebrity. And yes I realize that I was in San Angelo, Texas and it wasn't like there were hundreds of thousands of people standing and clapping for us. But ask yourself, how many times have you stood in the back room of a hotel listening to someone talk about you and had anybody stand up and clap for you? I had no idea then how good that made me feel about myself.  I really felt like I was helping people and making a difference in their life and that made me feel good about my life. I don't think I could have done that without her at that particular time. We were a great team in that aspect anyway.

It's so strange to think about that time in my life, because it seems like I was a completely different person. Is that normal? What is normal? I'm going to post our old schedule below, some of you will remember if any of you were in our classes, so now you'll know how we did some things we did. This was our cheat sheet.


*Dark Lighting*
5 minutes before start: play the video

Welcome – tell us your name, background, where you are from, and how long you have been in PPL
            Hosts for the FSTS
            Cell phones, pagers, temperature
Write your name in your book, and then put your nickname above your name.  Get the person sitting next to you to sign it as well and talk about each other’s nickname.
  1. Introduce and watch Harland

Giver Prize for who drove the farthest distance
  1. Introduce and watch John Long – say “invest $100 in your business per month.  In PPL, we have no overhead, no employees, and no inventory

  2. Introduce and watch Kathy Pinson – say “do the right thing because it is the right thing to do”

  3. Go over the States at a Glance and QUIZ the associates over it

  4. Introduce and watch Wilburn Smith – say “Buckle up… this gentleman is full of so much excitement that you certainly want to pay attention.”

Give prize for who drove the least amount of time
  1. Exercise/Game

  2. Tell Wilburn Smith’s Story

  3. Either explain the product OR introduce and play Lolita Harrison – say ”undersell and overdeliver:


*Lighting Up*
Have them move spots and meet new people and have them sign their books

  1. Do the “If You Were My Attorney” exercise

  2. Go over the Applications – Associate and Membership

  3. Go over the top 10 reasons that paperwork is not processed

  4. Introduce and play Darnell Self

  5. Do the List

Prizes for who has the most number of names on the list
  1. Talk about events – dress code, cost, help person producing event, show up early and stay late, event after the event

  2. Introduce and play Dave Savula

  3. Go over the money

  4. Discuss Players Club

  5. Do the 30-second commercial exercise