Not What You Think

I learned something very valuable today. If you're thinking about going to see someone, calling them, or writing them a letter do it. Don't hesitate, don't procrastinate just do it. And the truth is, I did not learn this today, I was reminded of it today. So here's how it happened play-by-play.

I awoke fairly early in the morning and had taken the girls outside and gone back to bed. I'm not sleepy, so I can't go back to sleep, but I just don't really feel good. And not physically just emotionally, I guess you could say. Today is also the day that I go see Amber at the gym, and I am already concocting my plan to get out of that. Today is also the day the new girl that I have hired starts. But I am thinking I can get out of this too. Ultimately, I'm really not thinking of what I can get out of but what's actually going through my mind is will the day be any better for anyone if I got out of bed versus staying in bed. That's when this little troupe on my phone goes off, and it is a friend of mine asking me if I want to have lunch today. This particular friend and I go have lunch probably about once a month or so, and we had it scheduled for last week but she had to cancel. So for her to initiate this lunch invitation made me feel good.

Let me just insert right here to make things very clear this is a girl and she is a friend. I have known her for a long time, but we have never dated or had any feelings other than friends that I know of. So the main reason I wanted to throw that in is was so that it was clear that I had the potential to have lunch with a "girlfriend". I know that I make her laugh and that makes me feel good. She's someone I trust and who is very solid and smart. In fact I hope someday that we can find a way to work together because I think we would be good partners. I always say everybody has their strengths and everybody has their weaknesses and I think in a business partnership we would complement each other. And I work 5000% better with a partner. But now back to the subject. So she has no idea the impact she made on my day, just by that simple thought she had, I wonder if he's free for lunch?

So I did go see Amber at the gym, I did go to lunch with my friend, I did go to the office with my new employee, and ended up having a terrific day. So if this particular friend happens to read this, thank you. Actually, I guess it's safe enough to let ya'll in on who this friend is. Ya'll don't hear from her very often but she does post things from time to time here on the LOW blog. It is The Compass. Maybe The Compass will actually start posting some things again.

Okay so one more thing I learned/felt during this lunch. Some time back, The Compass had tried to track me down, which she never does. I was on airplanes and out-of-town when I got her message. So she was telling me about the thing she was trying to track me down for. And it was something that I actually think I'm very knowledgeable about, I like to talk about, and it interests me. Stuff about why people do the things they do in marriage and working relationships and coworkers working together. Just basic human interaction. So I thought to myself why was she trying to come to me with this question? She never comes to me with questions? And then I thought to myself: who else would she go to, of course she would come to me!

I have been working very hard consciously to weed out negative people out of my life and insert more positive ones. In fact I have even prayed about this. Well I guess it must be working, maybe I should pray for some bigger things?