Taylor Swift - Memory One (Brooks & Dunn, Bob Mayer)

Let me address something right up front. I received some e-mails about the offer for the Taylor Swift concert. As I was e-mailing back, I realized what I was typing probably sounded crazy to the other person. I e-mailed back that I really don't type so send me your phone number and here is mine and  lets talk on the phone about this concert. Then I got to thinking people that don't really know me, probably think I actually type all of this. Well I'm going to let the secret out of the bag, I don't type any of this. I have a nifty little device called  Mac dictation. And then after I dictate, it goes to the editor. I've never claimed to be good at proper English and spelling. I have only claimed to be a good talker, so thanks to technology that's how this happens. And thank you once again to the editor.

Friday was a bit overwhelming. I was in Spokane, Washington and had to take three flights to get there. And Finally  a highway to a state that I have not been to.(Actually two states. I flew through Portland, Oregon) It was in the 90s in Texas, and there it was in the high 30s at night. So enough about the weather, if you wanted the weather you could go to the weatherchannel.com.

I finally got the iPad.  I must say it is truly awesome. I shot some videos of the arrival of "the iPad" and the un-boxing. I'll post some of them soon.  By the way I need a name for her(The iPad) any suggestions? At 6:30 it was time to go to the Show. The Brooks & Dunn concert, that is.

Let me say right here, for any of you that are seeing the show this year I will not have any spoilers in this post so you can keep on reading. As many of you know I have seen them a few times, but I did not know what I was in for. I think it was the best show of their's I have ever seen.  (And I have seen a lot)

First off, I had great seats, probably the 14th or 15th row. But they had this island sort of thing that went out into the crowd so literally at times, they were just a few seats over from me. From my musical perspective, I think they thoroughly enjoyed doing this concert. One of the reasons they have been so successful, is that they mix in songs that you've never heard from their new album with songs that you're very familiar with. So as the years go by the older the song gets the less likely they are to ever play it in concert, because they must promote the new album. Well there is no new album. The title of this  tour is The Last Rodeo. So they are playing songs that I have not heard live in years. And they haven't played them in years, so they were not burned out on singing them either. So if the Last Rodeo tour is coming anywhere near you, I would highly recommend going.

As I have said before in another blog post, I have lots and lots of memories tied up in Brooks & Dunn concerts.  I am going to be rolling out a lot of those memories over the next couple of weeks. You better stay tuned.  You never know when you or someone you know might be in one of these memories.

Memory One
The first time that I heard about Brooks & Dunn doing a concert in Abilene, I was very excited. I bought two tickets.  As a lot of you know, one of my greatest influential people in my life was Bob Mayer.  If you want to know more about Bob just look back in the blog for the post titled "The List."

I believe I was still in high school at this time, and Bob and  I were in business together, and we needed to go to Dallas for something. Well, it just happened to be the exact weekend that Brooks & Dunn were coming to  Abilene. So I thought this will be perfect, we can leave on Friday, see Brooks & Dunn in Abilene and after the show head to Dallas and be there Saturday morning  for our meeting. There was only one small problem in that plan, Bob hated country music. And when I say hate I mean hate.

We did leave Friday all right, and went to the Brooks & Dunn

concert only for him to drop me off at the front door. Yes, drop me off at the front door and he said he would be back when it was over. I went in and saw the concert, which was terrific, and when I got out there Bob was in that gray van, right in front to pick me up. I asked him what he had done while I was in the concert and he replied, "Went to a movie." I said, "You mean to tell me you had rather go to a movie than go to the concert?" And he replied, "I don't much care for country music." This was always a funny topic to bring up later with him and his family, upon going to the movies instead of going to the Brooks & Dunn concert with my free ticket.

By the way Ronnie Dunn was born in Coleman, TX and also went to ACC in Abilene. (Take The Poll On The Home Page Top Right)