Brooks & Dunn

Well this blog post is going to be a Brooks & Dunn concert review, and some other random thoughts I have. So first the Brooks & Dunn concert:

For any of you that took the poll on LOW here is the answer:

Here are a couple of great pictures that I took:
It was absolutely a terrific concert. There was no sign of the M-Word, thank goodness. We had great seats, and it was just probably one of the best shows I've ever seen them put on. But yes, sad. I'm got to look at their schedule and see if there's anyway I could make one more somewhere.

Now for the rest of the random thoughts. I warned you, they are random thoughts. Yesterday I was at Texas Tech University, tomorrow I will be at the University of Texas, last weekend I was in Dallas to see Brooks & Dunn, and I'm gold on American Airlines, if that tells you how much I travel. What is the point of all of this? Well that is my question precisely. What the hell am I doing here? Sorry to be so blunt that way. But what in the hell am I doing here? I feel  very bored and unchallenged.

Getting ready to start another year in the stadium business, and I feel like I can do it in my sleep backwards. Its already June, then there's July. The last two months before the big stadium ramp up. Then we've got the fall football season, then we've got, you guessed it, me and my PC watching a Brooks & Dunn video for Christmas then, if you've been paying close attention you'll know Macworld is next in San Francisco. So I say once again, what in the hell am I doing here? Maybe a better question is, why am I here? And then, do I want to stay here? I mean you must admit this does get a tad bit redundant. The most exciting thing to happen is maybe I'll have a little blonde, excuse me, a little brunette between now and Christmas.

 Okay more fun stuff just for a second.

 So sorry to be negative in this post but I have got to find something that makes me feel like I have some meaning or some challenge of being here. I think back to the times when I was happiest. One of those times was when I was trying to get my dad sober, yes because it was a challenge. The Johnny's Jerky days, that was a huge undertaking to build that business and there was tons of pressure. Starting out in the stadium business, I had no idea what I was doing but I love learning new things. Prepaid legal services was great with learning the ins and outs of that business and meeting new people and the process. And yes, being in a relationship was challenging and I felt like there was at least a Point A to Point B to Point C. But now it just sort of feels like I could turn off every phone and e-mail, close down the office, and stay at home in this chair and not much would change.

Not good. Not good at all. And what makes things even worse  not only have I lost my blood family but I have lost my adopted family. Okay enough rambling for today. I'm going to bed. I'm sure tomorrow will be better since the last 800 days have been just like the 800 days before that.