You know what's great about this blog is I get to write anything. The next best thing about this blog are the comments. No kidding, I really do love it when people leave comments. Sometimes it gives me a fresh perspective, and sometimes I agree with them and sometimes I disagree with them. One thing I do wish is people would sign them and not always do it anonymously but I'll take them anyway I can get them.

Here is part of one of the latest comments:

"At some point you do have to grow up and get on with life. And at some point you have to quit reading all about life and start living it and doing what you're reading all can't just keep talking about it and I have known you since you were 17 or so and you have yet to act on on your knowledge you read about you just keep hashing it over and over...well how's that working for you?"

 Let me start with the last line this person asks, hows that working for you? Answer would be terribly. Now let's go to the first part, at some point you have to grow up and get on with life. I could not agree more but whomever wrote this could you please put some action plans with this? It's sort of like telling someone to just go burn that million dollars but not giving them any sort of plan or direction or any idea of how to do it. And then this next part of I have yet to act on my knowledge, well I guess I'll take that as a compliment partially, but more importantly I will blog some verbs in those sentences.

 Here is another part of the comment that I received:

"JW, you need to get out of West Texas. I'm telling you it's draining your creative juices. You're meant for something bigger than breeding more Christians. Try moving to one of the coasts."

 While I partially agree with this as well, especially the part of I'm draining my creative juices, but the part that I majorly disagree with is that this moving isn't going to solve any sort of problem. It's kind of like Dr. Phil says about money, you don't solve my problems with money. I remember watching this documentary movie one time about this couple moving from one town to another finally realizing that until they took the time to really work on themselves they could move every other day but their problems would just  follow them. Trust me I travel enough and it's just as easy to be lonely in West Texas as it is to be on one of the coasts.

  So I guess my final thoughts on these comments is I felt like I actually did have a life. Actually I feel like I've had several lives. I feel like for the most part I've been very fortunate in the places I've gotten to go, people I've gotten to meet, people of God to associate with, and things that I've learned. Basicly I feel very grateful about my life.

Now here comes the part you don't want to hear, I just sort of feel like it's over. Kind of like that old saying, been there done that. I'm not trying to be morbid or anything but I'm so ready to go on and see what is next. I mean don't you ever think about what's on the other side? I do all the time and I can't wait to get there to find out what is there and have a fresh new experience. I sort of feel like I'm trapped. I'm sure some of you will have some great comments to go along with my post so let the comments start coming.