The Twit Pillow Mystery is Solved

 Well if you'll remember a few weeks back I came home to find two Twit pillows on my front porch. There was no note, they were not shipped; someone had left them there. After all I did ask for one on this very blog but I didn't know who to thank.  Well I now know who to think and I am proud to give a very public thank you to Little Blonde.  Here is the original post Click Here

I did speak with her and she said that she had ordered the two pillows and left him on my front porch with a note. I do happen to remember that particular week it was very windy. In fact, these two pillows which were in Ziploc bags were out in my yard and there was no note in sight. So that would explain that. As I've said before she always did have a very sweet caring side of her. I told her if it had been me I probably would've sent them back or thrown them away or kept them for myself. But that's not the Little Blonde way. So thank you again Little Blonde I greatly appreciate them. I have one at home and one at the office and each time I look at them I think of you. By the way, if you read this that plant you gave me at my office that you said was only supposed to last a few weeks, that thing is growing and growing and growing. Should I transplant to a bigger pot? Thanks for the plant too!

You may have noticed these last few posts that there are ads from Amazon about the book titled, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I have heard about this book everywhere I go. I must admit when I first heard the title it didn't appeal to me much. Has anyone out there read it? What's it about? Isn't it a girly book?

I'm almost done with my audio book I'm on now which is, Presumed Innocent.  It is really good. I can't wait to read the follow-up. But come on LOW followers what's the deal with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

 Okay, one last note to the editor, thank you again for being the editor. I know people are wondering what your staggering salary is. In the past we agreed we would keep that confidential. But I do realize this takes time to go through my ramblings and make sense of them so thank you. I know you're on break right now. If you have time for lunch while you're on your break let me know.