Day number two at home (Part 2)

As someone who reads this blog, you know that I can have severe issues 'getting over' relationships. When I think about it though, there are a lot of girlfriends that I didn't have that big of a problem 'getting over'. So, I asked a good friend of mine today why she feels that is the case. She said, "It's because you had closure with them. It's when you don't have closure that you flip out". Well, I couldn't agree more. That is exactly what happened with Little One. One day everything was fine, we were telling each other how much we loved each other etc., and the next day, she vanished. Now the same thing has happened with Little Blonde. How do you ask someone to move in with you, tell them that you love them as much as you love air, say that you don't think you can go on without them, allow someone to become a major part of their child's life (which she's never done with a guy before, according to her) and then just vanish? That's what I don't understand and have trouble 'getting over'. If I was physically violent towards her or her child, cheated on her or did something just totally unacceptable, I would understand. But I don't know what I did. That's what's hard for me, the unknown.