e-mail #1 - Well I Guess it's Really Over

Well I Guess it's Really Over with Little Blonde. So I will share some e-mails we'v shared back and forth. I think you can tell by her e-mails she's done. Here we go.

My first e-mail to her

Dear Little Blonde

Often times when I've broken up with a girlfriend I've often wondered if they really meant everything they ever said to me. So I wanted to take this chance to drop you a quick note to let you know my feelings. I loved you and I love you with all of heart, and all my entire being. I remember driving down the road and telling you that you were the one. I meant that 100%. I have never ever had that feeling towards anyone else ever before. I truly felt and still truly believe that you are the one. What I don't know is, is in life do you end up being with the one? There's something I want to tell you that I was always too scared to tell you when we were together. There is no way anyone could have the life that you have had and come out just sparkling ok. Honey you need some help and you need it badly. You flip-flop from moods to three times daily. And then when you get in a bad mood it takes you anywhere from hours to days to get over it. You may not like the medication they give you, you may not like the way that it makes you feel, but you are obligated to yourself and to that priceless daughter you have to exhaust every effort to get yourself in a okay state. I know when we work together at least a, you thought I had all the mental problems. Which I'm not denying. But honey please get yourself some help. Littlest Blonde told me things when we were together that I could never get myself to tell you she said. She is so precious in such a wonderful beautiful innocent little girl, and you are so beautiful and so precious and so unique that I'm asking you to please get some help. Little blonde, you don't want to wake up 8 to 10 years from now when she is 15 or 16 and looked back and say darn I wished I had. you want to look back and say Gee I'm glad I did. as for me I saw Dr. ?????? and he readjusted my medication and took me off the ??????. and I am feeling great. He also suggested a different counselor other than Dr. ??????. I've already had ?????? check to see if he was on my insurance list and he is so I have the girls making my first appointment already. You know I think it's funny that you asked me to make that list that time and you were going to make your list. Well I made my list but you never made yours? I love you, and I am in love with you. I miss you very deeply, but I can not be abused anymore, and I know you may not understand that at this time. I love the Littlest Blonde . I would have adopted her as my own daughter 2 nano seconds. Please don't continue to just sleep around in meaningless relationships. You are precious, beautiful, unique, pretty, cute, smart, sophisticated, sexy, adorable, and most of all a good person. I miss so much sleeping with you, rolling over and being able to find you underneath all those covers and holding you while you slept. I'm going e-mail a link to a video. Please watch it.

Look at it this way at least we got the cat!!

I love you