e-mail # 3

My Last e-mail to her

For real don't say anything that will hurt me please. This has been one of the hardest times in whole life. And I mean that. I doing good to be up and going but I just flew to dfw and can't make it home, because of this, so the girls had to change all my fights and I am stay here in a hotel. 

To be honest I don't see how u just go on like noning happen.  So 1. Ur  
You're stronger than me or number two I really wasn't the love of your life. How does a person lose the love of their life and just keep on going like nothing ever happened? How do you lose the love of your life and just go to the homecoming game just like everything is fine? I can barely function and any time I lithink about it I'll cry it's so upsetting. I loved you with my entire being. So either you can shut down your feelings or don't have any at all, which is not  healthy for you just pulled up against or you pull the biggest joke of the year and the joke was on me. there is no way that you can lose the love of your life and then just keep going on like nothing ever happened. You just go to the homecoming game you just continue on with life like nothing ever happened? This is like the death of a family member for me and each time I drive by your house is like driving by the cemetery. I'm starting to just think  you were not  near as in love with me as I was with you. All I'm asking is if you're not willing to fix some things to do something about this please just leave me alone and let me heal. And tell me the truth that you were not as in love with me as I was with you. Because your actions are already showing that you can't change what you don't acknowledge. And I know exactly what you may be thinking is well life does not  just stop because you broke up with ur boyfriend. Well this is the way I look at it life does just stop when you lose the love of your life, the person you've been looking for your entire lifetime is just all of a sudden gone vanished.