Jessica - Good idea or bad idea? - Jessica

Well I'm in Tucson Arizona, getting ready for game one which is tomorrow. I can't believe how fast these stadium seasons come and go. When I was here two weeks ago setting up, little blonde flew out here to be with me and we had such a good time at least I thought. I got here a couple of days before she did. For those of you that don't do a lot of traveling let me clue you in on a little something. Typically the nicer hotels hire very good-looking front desk staff. If some of you remember me dating Goldilocks that's how I met her. So anyway  two weeks ago when I was here there was one front desk girl in particular that I thought was  pretty flirty. And she just so happens to be the best looking one out of the whole bunch. She's little shorter than me, and she's got fair a long brown beautiful hair. And to top all that off she's nice. But I did not flirt back because I don't cheat or do anything I wouldn't want my girlfriend to do if I wasn't there. Well now I'm single and I just had to tell her the entire sob story. Well long story short, she met me outside the hotel on her break and we talked and she's going with me to the game tomorrow. She was scheduled to work but she switched with someone so she could go with me. And she wants to go with me to the UT game next week. I guess the way I look at it is if I flew Little Blonde out here,  I can fly Jessica to Texas.  I've been thinking is it too soon to date someone else? An answer as I just don't know. But I do know that three months out of the year I do a lot of traveling and that's the only time that I meet a lot of neat people. Before Little Blonde I dated someone from a hotel, a girl I met on an airplane, in some one from a stadium. So right or wrong I guess I'm thinking I've got to take vantage of the timeframe. I will throw this caveat in, if little blonde would go get some help and get herself well I would go back to her in a second. She wasn't just a fling or something, I really loved her she just needs to get some help. But for now Jessica and I are going to game one tomorrow. I'll do my best to take some photos, to my guy friends out there, I really outdone myself this time.