Little Blonde & The Littlest Blonde

I had no idea that I could love a 6 year old has much as I do. I miss her and mother badly. I would give anything if Little Blonde would get the help she needs. I was willing to go get help with her but she would not do it. She said we should start by making a list of things to work on. I made my list, she never did make hers. There is something very special about Little Blonde. I don't know if Little Blonde knows this but the last night I was there ( Before she kicked me out) the littlest blonde asked me if she could have a key to my house. I asked her why and she said "so when you and my mom get in a fight I can come see you". I said yes but I got kicked out before I could give her a key. I hope that little blonde knows I would love to see the littlest blonde anytime. I love them both very much.