Little Blonde - MUST read news - Divorced

Well I just found out today that little blonde did not get divorced until July 24, 2009. The way she always talked about it she had been divorced for years so I never really had any reason to question her about it. What I also think it's peculiar is that her daughter is seven years old and they still don't have a custody plan worked out between the two of them. All I know is little blonde is not supposed to take the daughter out of the state, and a few other little things like that. Wonder how that figures into her bringing her to Tucson Arizona the other day? The ex-husbands name was Trey Wilson is full legal name is WILSON III., CHARLES N. As far as I know he works in the water Valley/Sterling City area. From all the research I've done on him he seems like a nice guy to me but there's always two sides to each story. Its kind of like I've always said no matter how flat you make a pancake and always has two sides. But Trey if happened to read this blog give me a call I would love to talk to you and compared notes sometime.(325-486-8111) Of course I want what's in the best interest of the daughter. But I might could shed some insight that you 
could use. You know what's interesting about little blonde and my mother. Is everybody on the outside
loved my mother, she could do no wrong they thought she was the best mother ever. And I still get that today. In no way am I trying to say little blonde (by the way her full legal name is WILSON, NICOLE DENISE) a bad mother. Let's take a quick commercial break and then we'll talk more about this. Little Blonde bought some cookies that she was to cook for my dad's birthday while I was made aware that she did cook the cookies the exact brand was NestlĂ© toll House walnut chocolate chip. They were for my dad why did we at least get one, she bought a baggage that made 24 cookies? See its things like that I don't see how you just go on like nothing ever happens one night you're laying in bed telling one another how much you love each other and the next day you will even take their phone call???

Okay the commercial break is over. I'm done with a little bedtime story and then I'm going to go to bed. When I first moved in with little blonde I just kind of hung back and watched how things worked around the house. After all it is her house, and her daughter, and basically everything is first and sort of felt like a visitor. So for the first three days I did not interact much, or have much of an opinion I just wanted to watch and see how things operated on a date by day basis. One thing I noticed is not only did little belong have a lot of sudden outbursts with me but she had a lot of sudden outburst with her daughter. Now I know I'm not perfect but most of the time I couldn't even figure out what I was in trouble for. So I noticed each and every night about 730 she would raise her voice up and in real demeaning tone and say daughter it's time for you to take a bath and go to bed. Not of course she did not call her daughter I'm just using that word to protect the innocent. But she did this in such a loud rough way right out of the gate. I know there's a time to yell but also their times not to yell. And if you're always yelling that no one really pays attention to you when you do you, that's exactly what happened to me in her I became immune. So each night the daughter would start crying, whining, begging not to have to take a bath and go to bed.  Which is pretty typical of a six year old. Little blondes voice would then just get louder and louder as she slammed things down on countertops, and slam cabinet doors and said daughter you're not going to act like this. So finally the daughter would go crying and take her bath and come out crying, and of course she didn't have her bathroom clean, which little blonde made her do     and then putting her to bed was a whole other story. I counted it the very first night I was there she got up six different times. Finally little blonde said if you get up one more time you're going to get a spanking. For the record I am not against spanking, but I think it should be used sparingly. She got up again little blonde made her go get this leather belt with these around the metal rivets and it had little blonde was in such a rage I don't think she realized how hard she hit her daughter. But the daughter did go to bed and never got up again. Will this story played itself out for the first three nights I was there.  So on the fourth night little blonde was doing dishes, I noticed it was about 730 so I said little blonde would you like for me to help you with those dishes or would you like for me to help you get the daughter in the bath and in bed? She looked at me with utter amazement, it was the looks of you really think you could get her to take a bath and go to bed. And then she verbalized that, and said if you think you can get her to take a bath and go to bed more power to you I'll keep doing dishes.

So I called the daughter into the living room and asked her to sit down on the couch with me. I asked her if we had had a good day today? She said yes. Then I asked her what made it a good day, and she proceeded to tell me little details like she got to play outside, she got to see her friend at daycare, she got to play with me iPad, and then she ended with and the best thing of all is  you were here. Which I must admit made me feel really good. I then asked her if we were going to have a good day tomorrow? And she said yes. And then I asked her why was it going to be a good day? I had to help her little bit on this one. I said you get to go to daycare and see your friends again she said yes, I said I'll be here tomorrow and you get to see me and the girls she said yes I said you'll get to play outside she said yes. So the next I explained to her that every night I take a bath and then I go to bed so I can have plenty of energy for tomorrow. Then I explained to her that mommy takes a bath and goings to bed every night so she can have plenty of energy for the next day. And then I looked at her dead square in the eyes and said this is what I need you to do, I need you to go take a bath, brush your teeth and, clean the bathroom, and then it's time to go to bed.  And then I said and I don't want any crying or whining. Every one takes a bath and goes to bed and you're a big girl and you want to be like everybody else right? She immediately agreed. She just said one stipulation she wanted to throw it. I asked okay what is it what is the one thing you want, she said I want you to carry me to bed. We gave each other high fives and I said you got it baby. She ran off to take her bath, she came out of the bath, I asked her she brushed her teeth, she said no. Little Blonde always wanted her to brush her teeth for two minutes, which is completely reasonable but how do you expect a six-year-old to know when two minutes has gone by. So I got my iPhone out  and set the timer for two minutes. I told her when she started brushing to hit the green button and then when the alarm went off she would know that she had brushed for two minutes. She loved this idea she immediately grabbed my phone and ran off to the bathroom. She came back to me on the couch, she had on her princess looking but pajamas which if I might add here she is a little princess. Her hair was combed to me she looked ready for bed. I asked her are you ready for bed? She said yes. So I turned around and asked little blonde is there anything else daughter needs to do before she goes to bed in a very rough aggressive tone again she says clean the bathroom. The daughter in a very soft tone says to me I've already done that. So I then turned to little blonde and said daughter says she's already done that. And that means rough tone again she says to me then you need to go check it your self and make sure it's perfect. The daughter looks at me and says I promise I've cleaned it all want to be a big girl and do everything that you said. I said I know but mommy just wants me to check it out so was hold hands and go and check out the bathroom. Let me tell you this bathroom was clean then when my cleaning lady gets through with my bathroom. So I stepped out into the hallway and said little blonde it looks good to me would you like to come check it. In that rough way about her, she threw the sponge and the  sink and said fine. So she comes in and says I've never seen the bathroom this claim and daughter says see I told you I cleaned it, little blonde had nothing to say to that, I said yes you did and you did a very good job daughter. Thank you very much for cleaning the bathroom and I didn't even have to ask you to do it you just did it all by yourself you sure are a big girl thank you. She said okay it's time to go to bed which the daughter never says. She said but remember the deal I said yes I remember the deal. So she ran over to the couch and I picked her up and carried her to her room and put her in her bed, and covered her up. I told her that I loved her and that she was a perfect little girl. And she gave me a kiss and a hug and then said I love you too, and also love you living with me and mommy promise you won't leave. And all I can say that was I can promise you I won't believe unless mommy asked me to because this is mommy's house. But I'll love you forever if you ever need anything you could always come to me, she gave me another big bear hug again and told me she loved me and kissed me again and told me goodnight. So then I stepped out of the hallway and asked little blonde to go and hug her and kiss her and tell her good night. Which she did but as she was walking out she asked me shut up shut the door? Well I'm thinking to myself I really have no idea of what you should shut the door not? This is your house and your daughter do you ordinarily shut the door? But all that was going through my head I did not say any of that. So I said yes you should shut the door does that discount sounded good to be honest. So she shut the door. And the daughter did not get up not one time that night. So from then on I became the official bath and tuck her in the bed person. And I must say I loved it. Each night when I went to bed I felt like I had made a difference into people's lives. Each morning when I woke up felt like I had the chance to make a positive impact in two of the most precious girls lives you've ever known. So those of you who asked me why are you having such a hard time getting over this well that's why. Plus when you can't have any contact at all it makes it even worse.