Little Blonde Part 2

Part 2

You won't believe me but my greatest fears came true. You will soon understand why.

I always looked at kids as being a burden. Kids have always liked me and I have always liked them and I've always been very good with them. I just never wanted any kids for myself because I looked at it as a big burden that kept me from doing what I wanted when I wanted to do it.  I well remember the first day I met her daughter. And by the way, her daughter wanted to be called the Littlest Blonde. There is a knock on my door at the office and there stands Little Blonde with the Littlest Blonde. I must admit I was a little bit nervous about the situation because I was caught off guard. But you couldn't ask for a better, cuter, sweeter little six-year-old. I asked the Littlest Blonde to come over to me that I had a secret for her. So I whispered in her ear that if she would go into the other office and asked Caroline or Ashley for a treat they would give her something. Carolyn and Ashley both have jelly bean dispensers on their desk. So she runs in there and says Johnny said that one of you would give me a treat and they knew what I was talking about. And these are the real jellybean dispensers. You have to put in a quarter and turn it to get the jellybeans out. So they gave her a quarter and let her put it in and turn the handle to get the jellybeans out. She was walking out the door and she turned around and said thank you. You must understand the only thing that I have in my office or in my house for that matter are the two dogs and they don't eat jelly beans.

So this relationship progressed quite quickly. Little Blonde asked me to come over that night. I went and this is where I started to learn a bunch of things. Little Blonde said she could not cook. Well, she cooked steak bits, mashed potatoes and vegetables which was all better tasting than any restaurant you could have them at.

Like I said, this is where I started to learn a lot of things fast. Any time she spoke to the Littlest Blonde she never did speak she yelled. I don't have any kids so I'm not about to tell her what to do with her child in her house. But I do know what's normal and not normal, and I do know what works with kids and what doesn't. Sometimes you do have to raise your voice but usually that's after you've asked them to do something and they haven't done it. So then Little Blonde told the littlest one to go to bed which she did. The Littlest Blonde got up six different times with various excuses. Each time Little Blonde was getting madder and madder.