I have a few updates for you, on Little Blonde and a few other things. First thing, I would like to say thank you for all the loving, sweet, kind, considerate, and thoughtful comments that all of you left on the LOW about the previous post.

In the day after that happened to me I was very upset. Little Blonde called one of my other friends and they came over to my house to check on me. Which was another very nice, sweet thing she did. We all three got to talking about depression. I always find it very interesting to talk to people about depression who number one, don't have depression and number two, have people that they are accountable to.

Little Blonde said that she wishes she and I had been dating when she was 18 (she had her child when she was 19) and she was footloose and fancy free, so to speak. I agree with her. The only part I disagree with is I don't think the only way it would work is if she was 18 and childless. But she doesn't want to seem to give me a chance in that area and that's okay.

This is the first time that having not ever been married or having any kids is working against me. Usually girls want guys that don't have any baggage. Anyway it's like Jim Rohn says, "Don't be perplexed by the perplexed. It can be perplexing."