LittleBlonde(This is a Good One)

So the other day my friend called me (the one that Little Blonde had invited to my house)and he was telling me that I just needed to stay busy. No matter what, just get up early in the morning to find something to do. Just work hard all day and just stay busy. Well you know I agree with that. One of my mentors, Jeff Olson used to always say the heavy chains of worry always are forged in idle hours.

I'm telling you I know this to be true but there's one tiny detail that no one has thought of. I was telling him in one week my life will be turned upside down by Stadium season starting. I usually arrive at the stadium's anywhere from 6 AM to 7 AM and I don't leave until midnight. So I would say thats staying busy, wouldn't you? And I will do that for two or three days at the University of Texas, get on a plane flying to Fayetteville, Arkansas, do the same thing, get on a plane to do the same thing in Little Rock and on and on and on.

Below is a sample of one of my itineraries that is about to begin. I'm on eight planes in five days. But here's the catch, listen up or you'll miss it.  Not anytime in those five days will my phone ring and someone on the other line say, how is everything going? Not one time. Within those five days my phone will not ring and someone say “we wished you were home.” Not one time will anyone even know if I miss a flight. But yes, you do know now because I've posted it on LOW.

So that's what I was trying to tell them, it doesn't matter how busy you keep yourself if you don't have someone that you want and care about and they love and care about you. It makes things very hard to just keep on going.  Little Blonde said to me one time, "Why do you keep talking about all those past relationships on your Blog?" At the time I really didn't have a very good answer. But I do now. Those are the last times I can think of when someone cared about me the way I cared about them.

I'm not too sure that my mother would even be interested in my travel schedule. And let me fully disclose, my dad does love me and  I love him with all my heart.  However, we don't have the type of relationship to where he calls me in the middle of the day and says, "How's it going?" or him ask me how the my job was going. And I don't mean that as a bad thing. In fact, I would think that would be a little unhealthy if we were that close.

So then Little Blonde and this friend that she brought over to my house said that not having someone is totally my fault. It's my fault that I'm alone. I don't agree with that, forgive me for not wanting to go to bars to pick up girls. I have been out on dates. I've dated three girls I've met on airplanes. One of which lived in Austin and we dated for a few weeks. In fact, she was really cool and really smart and beautiful. I also dated a hotel manager in Austin. I dated her and some of you will know her as Goldilocks for about four months. Just before I moved out of my old office, I had a doctor that was across the hall from me, and ironically enough one of her patients and I started dating. We dated for a month or two. I'm not really a random/serial dater. I like to find someone that I like and that likes me and date them. Unfortunately, Little Blonde is not coming back in the picture here because she's so doggone right.

Something is screwing me here. I either have to go further with really super young ones that tend to be a little dumb and not know what they want, and then when they do figure out what they want they run off.  I like to go with girls that are in the 24 to 34 age range.  Believe me it is hard to find one in that age bracket that isn't already set in her ways and has children. That's not a bad thing necessarily. At least I thought it wasn't a bad thing. Little Blonde is 24 and she is looking for someone who will totally immerse themselves in her life. Go to her ranch and go hunting, do things with her and her daughter, or do things with her family. I mean if it is not her way it's the highway.

I am totally and was totally open to dating her. I really liked her and I might go so as far to say I loved her. But when you date someone it can't be all about my stadiums or my this or their kids or their ranches. It has to be a merging of what the two parties have.

Let's see if I can remember what Dr. Phil said, "A relationship works when it serves the needs of both parties that are involved." So this leads me to try to find someone  18 years old to 30 years old that doesn't have any kids and that's totally not immersed  in their own life. Let me give a perfect example. We all know  the M-Word. I talked to her the other day, she's doing very well. She is now a registered nurse and is buying her first home. So big congratulations to the M-Word.  She falls completely within my age bracket, she does not have any kids, and she's not dating anyone, go figure? So I will end with this, you can tell me all day long about staying busy but until the phone rings and it's someone that I love and care about whom loves and cares about me, life just isn't worth living.

One last final note, I am sneaking in time to go to more Brooks & Dunn concerts on this wild trip I'm going on below. And guess what, I even bought two tickets thinking that Little Blonde would go with me, boy was I wrong!