Fear – Quality of Life

You know recently I was visiting a friend of mine, and they were telling me to make sure when I came and always lock the door behind me. This was in the middle of the day. Also they had a big fancy alarm system, that they had to have a special phone line for. And they just seem sort of paranoid. But of course I didn't say anything because it's really none of my business. I just happen to drive by my friend's house the other night and I bet you could see my friends house from space. They have got so many outdoor lights I would hate to see their electricity bill. I bet all those outdoor lights cost more than their air conditioner. It must be terrible to live in such fear, and be so paranoid, and either think you have that many people after you, or you really do. Who knows about this friend though they're halfway crazy. I'll leave the keys to all my vehicles inside of them every day when I get home and I have ever sense I can remember. That's what my parents always did. At night sometimes if I remember to lock the door lock it. In the daytime if I remember to lock my door I like it. But I can't tell you how many times I've gotten up in the morning and the doors not even locked. And I have outside lights but only turn them on when I'm going outside. I refuse to live in such fear and paranoia. I mean come on really if somebody wants me that bad what are a few lights and a fancy alarm system going do if somebody really wants me. My theory is they can just come get me. Anyway I just thought that was a cool observation. I'm so glad I can just live free and do what I want to do what I want to do it. I shall add this to my gratitude list. There are good thing in life.