You know before little blonde I used to wake up four or five times a night and I never did get a good nights rest. I was just thinking about this but whenever I slept with her I never woke up not once I slept the whole night through. I think that had to do with me holding her or her holding me through the night it is a shame I damn shame that you have something like that, something you love with your whole heart, something that you know is just mile and a half away from here and they won't even take her phone call and then three weeks ago I was holding her in bed sleeping all night long. I just don't get it. Maybe she will read this and just call me more crazy but even my two dogs are sad. They know something is not right they just don't know what it is I've never seen him like this maybe she'll have a little compassion upon them. Tucking in for another sleepless night. You know I don't know why I do this up before her I used to turn all the phones off when I went to bed and when I first started dating her that made her mad because she couldn't get me and then from now on I left my phone on at night just in case that 1% chance that she might call I at least want to hear it and answer it.

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