1 Million Airline Miles

I have been notified by American Airlines that I now have 1 million airline miles. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I do know that I have just been on seven different flights in the last five days, three different  rental cars and three different hotels. And here it is 10:30 and I'm flying out first thing in the morning again. As some of you know I really have this bad problem of associating places with people. Back in the good old Little One days, I literally paid for someone to just go with me to the UT stadium for the first time so I didn't have to do it by myself.  So I'm going to Tucson tomorrow in the same hotel and the same stadium that Little Blonde and the Littlest Blonde so famously joined me in.  By the way, I look at it as, how God could create some new memories so those memories will get old just like the Little One memories got old. You know I still think it is perplexing that two people can be so close and then almost instantaneously be complete strangers.

Last thing I have to say for tonight is I was talking with one of my very good friends that I've had for a long time. He is going through a breakup similar to the one with Little Blonde and myself. I was sharing with him,  even though it might be a little selfish as I think back, the M-word is not married and is not in a fulfilling relationship that I know of. Littleone  has been married and divorced and is not in a fulfilling relationship I know of. Little Blonde has been married  and divorced and is definitely not in any fulfilling relationship.  So as I was telling my friend, I think it would be even more difficult if they had moved on to successful fulfilling relationships. So now the question is, is it me or is it them or is it both of us? If you look at it one way the only common denominator in the three relationships is me. But if you look at it another way, if I was the sole problem why have they not been able to find a fulfilling relationship? That has nothing to do with me.

Okay really the last thing for tonight. For the first time since I've had this blog, I had someone ask me yesterday why I have never  written about them on the blog? I don't know why I just found that extremely strange. Because most of the time the people that end up getting written about on this blog don't necessarily want to be written about. So for someone to kind of sound offended that they hadn't been written about was a little different. But now I guess they can't say that, because they have officially been written about on the blog.  Speaking of this person, she's never been married and does not have a fulfilling relationship either? So do I just have to get new friends, or is it just that hard to find a fulfilling relationship? I guess there's a reason the divorce divorce rate is 56%in America.