The Lori Kindle Project (The LOW ARMY IS NEEDED)

Some of you will remember Lori Potter from the Wildeco, Inc. office on Twohig.
So not long ago she found out she had some big health issues. Five hours of surgery later in dallas she is back home. But is having to go for treatments that last 4-6 hours at a time here in San Angelo, then she will have to go back to dallas for more treatments that also last 4-6 hours at a time. 

I am being vague for 2 reasons

1. I am not sure what or how much she wants people to know.

2. I don't want to name it because I don't want to focus on some name. I want to focus on the great person she is.

From the first day I met Lori she has been a friend and one of the positive people I know. Then as I  got to know her and all the issues she has with her son she has impressed me more and more. I am not sure if you know she loves to read. A year or so ago I was at her house helping her with her computers and showed her my Kindle and she loved it. 

What I am doing

I ordered her a Kindle 3g. She will get it on December 4th. I thought I would offer the LOW Army to donate to this gift. If you want to great, if not great.  If you would like to send a note along that would great. Sometimes it makes you feel good to something nice out of the blue for someone.

Click Here to donate and at the end it will ask you to write a note. If you want to just send a note just leave it in the comments . I am going to put all the notes together from all us.

Johnny Wilde