Off to Dallas (editor free)

I have been holding back writing this. I think because I did not want it to be true. My lead assistant is moving to Dallas Friday. She's been with me for about two years. I know what people say. I should not get so attached to people that work for me. This is what I say about that. When I am at home I am here with 2 dogs, then I go to the office and spend all day with the 2 girls that work with me. Then back home. I don't think it's right but I can see why girls (little blonde) have kids. So they are not alone and have someone to always love them. So the lead girl is the FIRST person to not leave. What I mean is I knew she was leaving 2 years ago. She told me how long she was staying because she was moving back to Dallas. So I should say she is maybe the ONLY one that has done what they said they would do. And she is even a girl!
She has been the best I have had. She has run my whole life for 2 years. I always say she winds me up and tells me where to go and what to say and when to come home. She has been great! If I needed her at 4am she was there. And never left when things got ruff. I can't really say that about anyone else in my life. In fact the people we work with around the country can't believe she is leaving. They are so used to getting everything they need done with her. And they have told me they know if they ask her to do something it will be done right. I feel kind of like I am breaking up with someone very important to me. But this too with pass like it always does. So the question is what is next? No more little blonde or littlest blonde. And that deal fixed me of any desire to trust anyone to date. So what in the world am I doing in this world? Do any of you ever stop and ask yourself, what in the world am I doing in this world?