One Slight Correction

Went back to the hospital today to see my mother. And as most of you know I do not like hospitals at all. She does not appear to be doing all that well. Strangely enough though she asked about The M Word and I think would like to see her. I will say that I wished I had the same kind of relationship with my other ex's as I do with her. Ever since we broke up if I'd ever needed anything she has always been there for me. And any time she needs anything or just needs to talk she always calls me. It's very nice to have at least someone like that.
So I guess I will make one slight correction she did tell me she would always be there for me and so far she has and it's been probably 15 years. Let's see if any of the other ex's honor their word of always being there for me. I know this for sure if any of them called me and needed anything at all I would be there for them because I gave them that commitment.(The Definition Of Commitment Is Doing The Thing You Said You Would Do Long After The Feeling You Said It In Has Left You) I will say being an only child does feel sort of awkward to know that when my parents are gone I am truly alone.