TBDG - Part 2 (Again)

The second opening act comes out which was Miranda Lambert and the arena starts to fill up more and more and I'm forced to sit in my real seat. Keep in mind, it was a great seat, I just like to be spread out and have plenty of room. This is where the traveling Brooks & Dunn girl (TBDG) comes in. (She was the one with the seat right next to mine) I introduced myself to her and I found out that she was by herself as well.

So after Miranda Lambert, Little Blonde called and had asked me how things were going. I say, "It's great. I've actually made a new friend, the traveling Brooks & Dunn girl." In talking with the girl (short for the traveling Brooks & Dunn girl) she loves Brooks & Dunn as much as I do. She's been going to all their concerts just like I have since they started. I would put her in the same league as me and qualify her as a huge fan just as I am. As I'm talking to Little Blonde and telling her about the girl, I make the comment that TBDG would probably like to go to Little Rock tomorrow to see them. As I was flying out the next morning to Little Rock to see them myself. TBDG keyed up on this very quickly. I then said, "Brooks & Dunn are going to be in Little Rock, Arkansas tomorrow, and I have an extra ticket because Little Blonde was not able to get off of work." (Quick little aside here, I don't really believe that story. If you want to do something and you really want to do it, you make it happen which she was unable to do.) But now back to the TBDG. I explained to her that I have two tickets for tomorrow's show in Little Rock, Arkansas if she would like one she could have it. She said, "How much do you want for it?" I said, "I don't want anything. If you want to go, I'll just give it to you." She immediately said, "I'll be there!"

Let's stop the story for one second. We all sit next to people at a concert, a
movie, or an airplane and various other places where the other person just will not stop talking or it's not somebody you really wanted to sit next to. At the time, I was by myself and sort of depressed about that anyway. And here I've met this nice new friend. And I need to qualify the TBDG as a friend. She is married and not in my age bracket so I didn't feel like I was doing anything that I wouldn't do if Little Blonde had been standing right next to me.

So I made a new friend who says she's going to the show in Little Rock, Arkansas. I tell her, Great. I don't actually have the tickets because there will-call. Here's my phone number. I fly in at four o'clock. Call me." About that time, Brooks & Dunn starts the show and it is a great show. The TBDG says I'll see you tomorrow and I said okay. And to be honest, right there I never thought she would show up in Little Rock, Arkansas. I was hoping she would because I felt like I had made a new friend but it was like a 10 or 11 hour drive. I didn't think the chances were very good.

I fly to Little Rock the next day and my phone rings...........