Help Please - Involved Part 1

Okay, I need a little help from the readers out there. I'm going through my head writing down all the things that I like and interest and intrigue me. I've always heard you should do something that you like to do. So as I'm finding something new to do, I thought, first, I need to see what I'll like. So feel free to send any comments and add to this list. Thank you in advance.

1. Technology
2. Females
3. Music
4. Dogs/animals
5. This list is getting rather vanilla. Let me do it a different way.

Things I'm good at and I really like to do. I love production/management of events as well as people. I work really well under pressure. I've always been able to multitask and figure out rather quickly what should be done first second and third under pressure. Those are the subjects that I like.

People always say to me how lucky I am as I get to go to all the college football games. Well that would be true if you really liked college football. Which I'm not really into at all. So what is it that I like about what I've been doing the last 15 years? I love that it's behind-the-scenes type stuff that nobody would even think of getting done that I do. I love that it has a timeline/deadline. So in other words I can't ask one of the universities to move their game by week or change the time from 11 o'clock kick to 2:00 PM kick because I'm not ready. There's a whole lot of us doing a whole lot of little things all to get ready for a four or five hour event.

Let's see, what would my dream position be? When I was about 19 I interviewed to tour with Brooks & Dunn. I found out that they only have three employees Brooks, Dunn and the tour manager. So in other words I didn't get that position. But something like that, I would absolutely love to do. It involves technology, there's a whole lot of females, and you've got music and I could take my dogs on the bus or plane. A lot of you will remember when I went on the road with Restless Heart a few years ago. Let me be the first to say that was not a high-paying gig. Don't tell them this but I would've almost paid them just........Part 2