Help Please - Involved Part 2

Don't tell them this but I would've almost paid them just to let me go. I absolutely love that type of environment that involves problem-solving, people, using technology to be more efficient, multitasking and seeing the end product at the end of the day. It was so neat to look out in the crowd and see all those people enjoying the concert and them not knowing that I helped put that concert together 12 hours earlier. What was really fun was to go out in the crowd and find someone that was really into it and then tell them what song was going to be next, or just some inside information. I would always take my pass off and put it in my pocket and they knew that I was on the inside some way but they never could figure out how.

The thing about concerts or college football is its highly recognizable. I have no desire to be in the spotlight but I do love being involved with something that is in the spotlight. Highlight developing and maintaining friendships within the position. So what I mean is, for example, I asked some great new friends out in Tucson and then through networking and talking with them found out that one of their brothers and my dad went to college together in Texas. You'd be surprised what you can learn if you just ask the right questions. So to relate that the music industry every year you basically go on to work the same venues each year. So therefore you develop relationships at each venue. I look back over these last 15 years at the universities and I have got contacts literally from East to West now. Anybody out there as I continue to network have any great ideas of something I could start/get involved with?