Thanks for taking the time to write to me!!

This was a comment left for me that I thought was very sweet and thoughtful. Thank You!!
I wanted to put it up for others to see. Thanks for taking the time to write to me!!

I'm so sorry for all of the hardships in your life and I don't just mean this year.. Don't give up hope.. We all fit in somewhere! Some of us just have to search harder to find people who truly love us. If u ever are feeling lonely and want to talk to a blast from the past, I'm here. You are a special man... Most people would have given up a long time ago but, u have always found a way to persevere against all odds. You have become successful in many areas of your life. Now it's time to forge through once again! You can and will be loved in the manner you deem fit but, u have to leave all of the emotional baggage from the past behind. I know this from experience... Testing people to see how much they love you is a horrible way measure love and in my experience always does more harm than good. No one should ever have to endure many of things u did as a child but, it has made u the man u are today! And granted I'm not a part of your life but, from the outside looking in... You are honest, hard working, down to earth, successful and handsome. Don't close yourself off from the world or relationships. Try to keep your heart open as there is much good left for you to do in this world.

I would love to catch up w/ u the next time ur in Dallas! I'm not a religious person but, I am sending healing thoughts and energy to you and ur mother.

I have faith that you will find the peace and love you deserve!!!

w/ ♥,