Updated list from 2009 For 2011


This was my list of what I wanted January 5, 2009. I don't care what you may think. I still think it is a pretty good list. (Whatever is in red is from the original 2009) But I will agree it needs some fine tuning.

1.Great, long, wavy, to curly, blonde or brunette hair.  really any color but red. And I need to add thick and soft to this as well.
2. Thin. Very Thin. Very Very Thin. I'm going to change this one to Thin. Very Thin.
3. Special.  This one is going to be Very, Very Special and Unique.
4. Has her own thing going but is willing and wants to get involved in my things. Very
involved in my things.
4. She has the time to travel with me anytime.
5. Honest
6. Very Honest
7. Likes the TV Show DALLAS
8.When we walk by people, she causes them to turn their head and ask, "How did he get her?" 
9. Thinks that having a JOB is a waste of time.
10. Loves Music.
11. Puts me and our relationship above her family.
12. Puts our relationship at the top of her list.
13. Wakes up everyday and says what can I do to contribute to this relationship today? And does it.
14. Loves to wear heels.
15. Loves to dress up.
16. High maintenance. 
17. Loves and would do anything for me.
18. She gets along with everyone.
19. Does not flirt with anyone but me.
20. Maybe a little geeky.
21. Well read and educated.
22. Has traveled and is a little worldly. Or at least has the desire to travel and the desire to be worldly.
23. Thinks outside the box. Doesn't want to be with the 95%. Wants to be in the 5% group.
24. Loves Mattie and Pacey.
25. Is strong and respectful. Is kind and nurturing. Is caring and thoughtful. Can be my safety net and I could be her safety net.
26. Understands what the word commitment means. Better to say she understands and agrees what I think the definition of commitment is. Which is "the definition of commitment is doing the thing you said you would do long after the feeling you said it in and has left you"
27. We have physical, emotional, sexual, friendship, and respectful feelings towards each other.
28. Would back me up no matter if she thought I was wrong.
29. Wants to do something extra-ordinary with her life, our life.
30. Being that 80% of affairs happen in the workplace, I would like us to work together. That way we could have an affair together with one another.
31. Supports me in my dreams but yet keeps me grounded and centered.
32. Is spiritual.

So this is my tuneup list for 2011. It says in the Bible, ask and you shall receive. So I'm asking. I was told one time that if you didn't know exactly what you were looking for how would you know if you found it? It's kind of like going on a trip with no map. So a reserve the right to change this list at any time, take away things, and add things. But this is a list to start with.