Wrap Up of 2010


 Well we're going to do a  wrap up of 2010. I thought long and hard about doing this, because it's pretty negative. But as Dr. Phil says you can't change what you don't acknowledge. And one way or another 2011 is going to be way better.

1. So we actually got this started with Christmas of 2009. This was the first Christmas I didn't get to spend with my adopted family. A lot of strange things  happened along about that time and it just didn't work out.

2.  Then we had our annual trip to Macworld. Once again due to some strange circumstances I did not get to attend most of the events, therefore did not leave with my normal high that I get.

3.  Next we have one of my ex-employees set me up with one of her friends. Enough said about that.

4.  Then we had to mourn the loss of Black Beauty. Not only did I really like her, but I had so many memories of things I had done and places I have gone in her. It was sad to see her go. In some ways I wished I could have gone with her.

5. As many of you know I don't really acknowledge age, but a really good friend of mine actually made me a homemade CD and a really funny card for my birthday. It really took me by surprise that anyone actually remembered.

6. Got to see Taylor Swift in concert, and actually later saw her leave and bumped into her in the hallway.

7. Went to see Brooks & Dunn four times in four different states. This falls on the negative side.  Though it seems positive, it's very sad. For as long as I can remember that is one thing I've looked forward to doing every year. But on a positive note I did make a really neat new friend at one of the concerts.

8. I had tickets, hotel, airfare to go to Nashville to see their very last show ever. And due to some unfortunate circumstances I was unable to go.

9. Filling the accounting job at the Wildeco corporate office has continued to be a huge struggle.

10. Best assistant I ever had, moved back to Dallas. Best assistant and I became a very good friend. But the more time that goes by that she's gone I realize she was more of a safety net than anything for me. I told someone the other day I knew if my plane crashed and I was in the hospital for six weeks unable to talk she would take care of things fully and completely. She is very unique and I hope someday I can repay her in some way.

11. My dad had some health problems. Turned out to be okay.

12. My mother had and is continuing to have some severe health problems. Verdict still out.

13. I did complete my 15th year working with the University of Texas in Austin. And one of the best things about that is, getting to work with my friend Mike Metze. He keeps saying he's going to retire, and I keep telling him he can't. Part of that is he really can't because he's the only one besides me that can work that stadium. But the other part of that is because I would extremely miss working with him. I really enjoy the dynamics that we have together, and thoroughly enjoy just being around him. So no retirement.

14. I got to go to Corsicana, Texas. My friend Mike Metze built a house on a lake there. I went and stayed a couple of nights with him and his wife. Had a really great time. His wife is just as cool as he is. And it's very inspiring to see two people still married for 40 something years still so in love with each other. And he does have really cool dogs.

15. Had some counseling sessions with my mother, and I think we have determined that we will agree to disagree and leave it at that.

16. My mother told me she wished she would have aborted me.

17. I found out, and I truly felt that I was lovable for the first time in a long time. I also felt like I really can and do make a difference in someone's life this year in a positive way.

18. Before my number one assistant left she insisted that I hire a new one. Really I do not want to. I wanted to wait till later and I didn't really want to hire the one she picked. Now that I've been in it for about three or four weeks it looks like she was right once again. So far it's worked out quite well.

19. I got an iPad. I know that sounds silly. But I love technology and the iPad is one of the coolest things ever.

20. Jeff Olson always talked about the laws of association. The three rules he said were disassociation, limited association, expanded association. So this year I have successfully disassociated with some people. I on purpose limited my association with some people. The thing I did not do is expand my associations enough. Must do better at this in the next year.

21. I have generally let my physical, emotional, psychological, mental, and overall well-being diminished. I must make a conscious decision to improve all these areas in the next year.

So I think that's all of the 2010 list I can think of for now. Next I'm going to work on what positive actions and intentions I have for 2011. And have a feeling some of those are going to involve Jessica.

And oh by the way this is the fourth anniversary of LOW. I want to say once again thank you all very much for your support. And an extra special thanks to the editor who makes all of my rambling make sense.