I just got a message from somebody who reads the blog and they are telling me that they cannot leave a comment for some reason? So they just sent the comment to me directly. I think it's pretty safe for me to post it... "I love number 30 on your list! You really are awesome and any girl is lucky to have you!"

Well the first thing I thought of was, Thank You. Second thing I thought of was what in the world was number 30? To save you the trouble of going back I went back for you.

#30 - Being that 80% of affairs happen in the workplace, I would like us to work together. That way we could have an affair together with one another.

Upon review of this #30, it is a pretty darn good one. I particularly like that last sentence. I wonder what would happen to the divorce rate in America if everyone would just have an affair with their spouse two or three times a year?