As they go together.

I think there are certain things that should always go together. Kind of like Brooks & Dunn. It sounds kind of funny if I just say I'm going to see Brooks in concert. Another good example is love and friendship. I think it is so important to actually be friends, best friends with the person you're in love with. I see it all the time with people and they say they are in love with so-and-so but they're not really friends? That just does't make sense to me at all.

So we're getting all ready for Macworld. Very excited to go back to San Francisco and see Leo and iJustinse. My friend Jeff is going with us this year. And when I say us I mean Jessica and I. Boy, I will tell you one thing for sure, you don't really realize how stressful and chaotic certain relationships are until you're with someone that's calm and doesn't yell and doesn't completely flip out randomly. Now do Jessica and I have our disagreements, sure. But at least with her I know what she's disagreeing on. Which is quite refreshing. That's just a little thing that some people may take for granted. It's one thing for people to be mad at you but it's a whole different thing for that person to tell you exactly why they're upset. At least, you know how to fix it. Like I've always said I can play the game as long as I know the rules.