Shania Twain and The M-Word

It was eight years ago on Super Bowl Sunday and The M-Word had come out to my house right after church. I was super excited because I knew Shania Twain was performing during the halftime show that year. We spent a little time together and did what we usually do, and she announces that she is going to watch the Super Bowl with her sister? I remember I was very upset. One why not watch the Super Bowl with me? And two Shania Twain?  Looking back eight years later I guess it really didn't matter if she went to watch the Super Bowl with the president.  And in fact I can even tell you where she went to church and exactly what she had on. She had on a black top with a black short skirt and black high heels. She had a coat that had some kind of fur around the collar (I think I bought that?).  I remember her vividly walking in the back door, and she took off her heels at the back door and left them there. And I remember thinking to myself darn I should gone to church with her,  I didn't get to see her dressed up for very long. Because she looked really attractive. But that was the thing about her is she was attractive on the outside as well as the inside. And no that's not just some line I'm saying it's really true. She's a very beautiful person inside and out. Enjoy