Crap - Urgency

Okay I've got to disclose a few things. There is a situation that requires urgency than I am involved with. Now before I tell you about that I have to get something off of my chest. Anybody who knows me at all knows that I did not grow up in the most ideal home. I was just talking with someone about this situation that requires extreme urgency. As they were going to a movie, and as they just got back from vacation. And this person tells me "very soon I think it will all be okay". What the hell is wrong with these people? I grew up in a abusive situation.  I told this person the story about the time I was standing at the kitchen sink and my dad said "Hey Johnny" and I turned around and he had a rifle pointed at my four head. If someone had stepped up to the plate to help resolve that situation, that would not be forever burned in my memory. So what is wrong with people having and getting a sense of urgency?  I would've loved it if someone would have stepped up to the plate and removed me or him or had done something so that would not be in my memory. So there are times that people should act with a sense of urgency. Why can these people not figure out the times when they should act with a sense of urgency?  It is always so easy for other people to give their opinions or their justifications when there is someone that is so young that don't have a voice for themselves that is being hurt??? Crap!