Common Denominator

I was sitting here thinking about some of my ex-girlfriends, and the common denominator that they all have is they are not with me anymore. So then the question is, is it personal or is it just just how dating goes?

Ex-girlfriend number one:
Has been married twice and is a single mother.

Ex-girlfriend number two (The M-Word):
Never been married and no kids.

 Ex-girlfriend number three (Littleone):
Been married once and no kids.

Ex-girlfriend number four (Little Blonde):
Currently on her second marriage and one child from the first marriage.

Well, I guess when I look at it that way I would have to say that's just how dating goes. I am just so glad I don't have any marriages or kids from the past. The only thing worse than being in a bad relationship for a year is being in a bad relationship for a year and one day.