Distraction? - Good or Bad?

Okay, here is the question, if you've got a lot of stuff going on that's not necessarily good stuff, is it okay to have a distraction?

I have a lot of different things going on business wise and personal that we will call a growing experience. Then out of nowhere a distraction was dropped in my life.

You know since I nickname people, this is actually a great nickname for this person. The Distraction. It is amazing at least for guys or at least me how much one little female can distract me from all the negative in my life. Really, is that okay to have a distraction? Or is this considered using someone?

Generally when you speak of using someone, that is considered a bad thing. But let me be clear, this person does not know that I am using them as a distraction, because I just figured it out myself. I heard a quote about happiness that said, "happiness is for as long as it lasts." So if this is true, is it okay to be happy while I'm distracted by the distraction?