July 4th --Atlantis --"Forgive her and Yourself"

I was looking back and a year ago I wrote "1 year ago today my whole world fell apart!
July 4th" If you want to read "The Back Story Click Here"  Today still has a big sting for me. 

It was July 4th 2005 and Littleone and I had just gotten back from Atlantis. I knew something was not right but I had no idea what it was. Or how bad it was. I have still never really healed from all that had happen. People would say "Forgive her and Yourself"  I never knew how to start to heal over this or how to forgive. Until the other day. I heard that "The Definition of Forgiveness is Letting go of the Hope that the Past can Ever be Changed" 

That fits me to a tee. Honesty I want the past to be different so, so badly.