Smart ASS

Sorry I'll try to keep this blog G rated but I had a comment from my little friend(you know who you are) that asked if all my post were still going through the editor. Well obviously the answer is no.  But if my little friend would like to volunteer to help edit I would gladly accept the help.
I have tried to decide many times exactly what the topic of this blog should be.  But originally when I started this blog I named it LOW for Life of Wilde.  And also the tagline of -  Find Out Where I Am Going And How I Am Going To Get Back!! So I guess the topic is already decided.
Those of you that know me know the only person I would say I'm close to is my dad. He has been in the hospital for over a week and this has been very difficult on me.  He has been in the hospital before but I've never seen him look this way. So I guess there was a reason for me getting out of the stadium business because I would not leave helm under any circumstance or for any reason at this time.