Cabin Fever - Depressed - Blood Pressure

Sorry this is not a very uplifting post. But I'm feeling slightly depressed/helpless. I've reached out to family and friends but no one has reached back. It's kind of funny how all family and friends are. They won't let you get to far up because then they feel threatened that you'll do better than them but they also won't let you get too far down. But unfortunately down has to be really down like something tragic happening.
I still have not been to the doctor about my shoulder and it's not getting very much better. And the last few days. My blood pressure has been higher than it's ever been. Like 160/104 148/97 146/116 . I'll give an update on this later but my mother made a surprise visit to my house and tried to convince me that she had just been teasing me about wanting to abort me.
My dad was even here and heard the whole thing and didn't say one word. He said it was none of his business. He then said if someone anyone is attacking you. I don't care if it was my business or not you're my dad and I'll love you therefore it becomes your business. Other than my trip to the emergency room and the ambulance I don't think I've been out of my house this whole month. Very depressed would like some help. Any suggestions? I even called our local Catholic priest to see if he would come over and visit with me but I was unable to reach him.