Dad - Stick Together - DONE

You know I've always been kind of fearful of my dad passing away. Because I've always said I feel like I would be totally alone then. But this is the first serious accident. I'm ever had in my life. And when I asked him to stay with me because I can barely get out of bed. His response was why don't you call the cleaning lady and let's see if we can hire her. He has been coming out every morning and helping me get started because that's the hardest part, but he told me today that he and my mother are going shopping out of town tomorrow so he wouldn't be around. I asked what should I do and his response was why don't you try one of your neighbors . I did have a friend or two around the last few days but not one call or check in today, but it is friday and people have better things to do . If this post sounds a little depressing. That's because I'm a little depressed. I think I'm going to look into some alternative religions. Maybe start reading the book of Koran. At least those people seem to stick together and they're willing to do anything.
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