Obama Care Stuff - 604.34??

I remember rolling up to the hospital in the back of the ambulance. I told the EMS guys as they were unloading me that I really appreciated their help and that they were fantastic. They told me no problem. Your tax dollars paid for it and kind of laughed. I thought great this Obama Care Stuff has already kicked in. That means I won't get a bill for the ride. At that moment I was loving this Obama Care Stuff. But today I got a bill for $604.34 for a 12 mile ride to the hospital. But let's not forget they did have to crawl up into the attic and get me so it was about an hour of labor as well. So evidently I was wrong!! This Obama Care Stuff has not kicked in. This was not covered by my taxes?? I called the billing number on my bill and said there must've been a mistake because the EMT guys told me that my taxes covered this and she politely told me that they where mistaken and did I want to make monthly installments?  Darn!! I don't keep up with politics very much but therefore a second I was really starting to like this Obama Care Stuff. Whatever it is?
BTW: What do my taxes pay for? Oh that's right that war we are in, helping those people that don't want help. I am sure we will find those WMD's any day now. 

Random Brooks & Dunn Fact 

Kix Brooks & Ronnie Dunn teamed up to form "Brooks & Dunn"
First single "Brand New Man"