The Polar Express Girl - Facebook

As I'm sitting here with my arm in sling, browsing through Netflix and i've come across Cher: The Farewell Tour
I remember going to that concert. It was on a Saturday after a UT install. I had a friend of mine helping me out and we decided we would go after we were done. Well I'm looking back and this was in 2003. I had no idea it was that long ago.Completely different subject. But I had someone I used to know want to be my friend on Facebook. Keeping in mind that's the only time I'll look at Facebook if there is someone requesting to be my friend. So let me take just a quick second to please ask you to leave any comments on LOW not Facebook. Anyway I met this girl on a plane flying into Austin and long story short got her number and called her and she came to the stadium. This is when we used to have to put the trailers on the Hill as we called it and at gate 32 which in normal people terms all this tell you is that that's a lot of forklift driving. So she pulls up and has gotten out of her car and me and Pacey are there to greet her about that time my friend Mike Metze drives around the corner on a forklift. He stops to see who this strange creature thats visiting us late at night at the stadium and he says to her right off the bat. How are you going to drop a forklift with those high heels on? And without missing a beat she says back to him, Don't underestimate what I can do in heels. Anyway just thought I would share that random little memory I had of The Polar express Girl.