Completely Totally Astonishing

It is still completely totally astonishing to me that people will not do what they say they're going to do. I had someone just days ago that gave me their word that if they had anything to say to me they would say it face-to-face. Now just two days later they are refusing to have a conversation with me. Is it because they're young and immature? How are they justifying this in there're mine? How can they seem to be the perfect person and then turn out to be a totally different person? It's happened to me before but I was so hoping it wouldn't happen to me again. She is just like all the rest - a liar and a fraud. She swore to me she was different. And I was dumb enough to believe that. But time will tell. Everyone is on the slight edge and they're either going up or they're going down so we'll see where she is in five years? But it really is a damn shame. I really thought she was special