editor here..quite frankly im upset..im gonna say some stuff johnny probably has already said..or wont say-_-but..honestly, what the heck is wrong with all of you??here is wonderful, handsome, caring and loving, fun to be with one of a kind guy..someone who puts his whole heart into a relationship..even just a friendship and he gets done wrong. taken advantage of almost every single time.honestly, what is wrong with all of you??youre not in high school anymore STOP acting like you are.im probably the last person who should be talking about relationships...but i seem to see everything..and i notice a lot of stuff.. seriously..stop taking advantage of this wonderful person..all of you-_-
and johnny..be careful for now on..please/:

its harder to put down youre own thoughts when all youve done is edit stuff..

Random Brooks & Dunn Fact 

ACM Top New Vocal Duet 
ACM Top Vocal Duet
Single "Brand New Man" debuted on the Billboard charts (6/22/91)
Album "Brand New Man" released (8/13/91)
Single "Brand New Man" (#1)
Single "My Next Broken Heart" (#1)