she was inside of it!! So now I have this huge German Shepherd getting inside of the culvert as well. And we have a problem..she's massive compared to this 8 to 10 inch pipe that runs underneath the driveway to let the water drain through it. So I have to use some of my secret commands to get them out of the pipe. On the way out Pacey cut her ear.

So just when I think there is nothing good that has come out of me dating certain people I am wrong again. Last time they had a little accident my ex girlfriend which was a home health nurse gave me these products.
So the spray bottle stuff cleans up the cut without it burning or stinging her and the other stuff is like a spray-on Band-Aid. It's really cool. I'm glad she didn't remember to ask for these back when we broke up. But then again she was always the caring loving type. So here is how her ear looks now.
So moral of the story is, Last time I sent the troops in for Little Blonde they got the cat. This time they would've gotten the cat except I had to call them off because I didn't want a German Shepherd stuck in a pipe that runs underneath my driveway today. Don't worry though, she is very well taken care of as you can see below.