Comment - LOW

I got a comment the other day on LOW:

"I just wanted to take a second and say that I love reading your blog. It always makes me smile. I'm almost sad now that I got my other job before I had the chance to interview with you."

A little back story to this, a few months ago I was interviewing for an assistant and the person that left this comment applied and we just never could match up our schedules for her to actually interview. So now the question is, how did she know about LOW? It's not like it's hard to find, Google my name or alot of other things and you will find it. But I never knew that people really took the time. I do, but I guess I didn't know people are like me.

I'm extremely glad to have received a comment from her, now I feel some sort of expectation.
When I first started LOW I really thought no one would ever read it. It was sort of like my own personal journal. But as time has gone on people actually do read it. I can see my stats which doesn't tell me specifically who is viewing but it does tell me how many views and etc, etc. It's astonishing to me, yet I am unsure if I should let that affect me or not. In other words do I keep writing as if no one is reading, or do I write knowing in the back of my mind a lot of people are reading? I would love to have any and all comments on this. Thanks