Larry Hagman

The passing of Larry Hagman is very sad to me. I remember watching his first show I dream of Jeannie and then later on Dallas. Larry was always one of those people I wanted to meet in person. And I was lucky enough to get to do so. About four years ago I was on his bus with him and his wife at Southfork. (Super long story of how that happened) He was in the back bedroom changing clothes and he asked if I would go up front and get him something to drink. I said yes of course. So I opened the sliding door with a magical little button. And I come back and press the button and the magical sliding door opens with Larry (JR Ewing) standing in his underwear. I could not believe that here I was standing in front of JR Ewing, the person I have watched for years on TV standing in his underwear. Larry and his wife were both incredibly nice. I worked with them all afternoon into the night. In fact all of the stars of Dallas were extremely nice and easy to work with.