Shania Twain 24 days (Part 2)

Part 2

 So that brings me to going to her first concert. I was in California visiting some family and found out she would be performing in Anaheim, California. Here is a photo of some friends that went with me to the concert.

And here is a photo of the actual ticket

That's right, June 21, 1998 and the price of $35.00.  If you will notice the ticket says limited view. It was the only ticket I could get but it was actually a great place to sit. I will never forget. I was sitting stage right and as I watched the concert I knew this was going to be big. Really big.

So then we move right on into 1999. I had a friend that was a huge Shania Twain fan like me. We found out that one of her last concerts was going to be in New Orleans. So you guessed it. We bought airfare and we were on our way.

Photo of the actual ticket

Then I find out she would be filming a TV special after one of the Dallas Cowboy football games. I had to be a little creative to get tickets to this, being that it was sold out but I did achieve it. I do not have a photo of the ticket because I actually didn't have a ticket. But I was there and here are a few photos to prove at. I also got some of my friends in as well. Still can't talk about how I did this. Top secret...

I remember watching intently after the game. I thought it was so fascinating how they set all that up so quickly. I actually took more photos of the set up than I did of the concert. I knew right then I had to get into production some way, some how. 

Then Shania sort of went into retirement. You did not hear or see anything else from her. Until five years later she releases her album UP!. And a tour to go along with it. I was so excited. I was dating Littleone at the time. I got the tour dates and decided we..... Part 3 coming soon