Shania Twain 24 days (Part 3)

Part 3

I got the tour dates and decided we should go see her three times back to back while she was in Texas. Littleone asked me if that was a little bit obsessive? I said, "Completely not. You will love it!" So we were going to see her Friday night in Houston, Saturday night in San Antonio, and Sunday night in Dallas.

Here is a photo of the actual ticket for Houston.

I remember it as if it were yesterday. I started dating Littleone right after The M-Word. Shania was actually starting her tour in London. The M-Word and I were going to see her. But that involves a passport and a really long story. I will tell another time. But here is part of it. My friend and I that went to see Shania with me in New Orleans had made a deal. The deal was if she ever went on tour again we would go to the first concert no matter where it was. So the first concert was going to be in London. And I wanted to take The M-Word with me. I bought two tickets and was in the process of getting the rest of the travel arrangements, when I hit a little snag. I had a passport but she did not. Due to a confidentiality agreement and legal reasons, that's all I'm allowed to say at this time. Ultimately, we did not go to London to see Shania. So I was real excited to see her in Texas. The M-Word and I were over with and Littleone was going with me. I did a really crappy thing in Houston. I asked Littleone if I could call The M-Word to tell her where we were. Littleone agreed so I did just that. I sort of wanted to rub it in The M-Word's face that I was going to see Shania not once not twice but three times. But that was not the crappy thing I'm referring to. The crappy thing was I actually asked Littleone if I could do that and then I did. Not one of my better moves. After the concert was over Littleone looked at me and said I'm so glad we get to see her tomorrow night. I said, "See, I told you you would love it." 

So on to San Antonio we went. 

Here is a photo of the actual ticket for San Antonio.

As the concerts went on the better they got.

So we were leaving San Antonio going to Dallas. We catch up to some buses and we notice there is a light on in one of them. We get beside it and there is little bitty Shania Twain standing there. We thought that was pretty cool. 

Now the Dallas concert. What I thought was the third and final concert. I didn't know if..... Part 4 coming soon