Shania Twain 24 days (Part 5)

Part 5

Shania was going to be in Lubbock a few days later. So we actually drove to Lubbock and flew to Los Angeles so we could fly back to Lubbock for the concert.

Here is a photo of the actual ticket for the Lubbock concert.

Good stuff.

So that was really the last time I saw Shania Twain in concert. I really thought she would not ever do a concert again. So I'm so happy that she's going to be in Vegas for two years. Trip one is planned for December 5th and 6th. And trip two is already planned for April 5th and 6th. 

It's hard to believe that on November 21 it will be nine years since Littleone and I first saw Shania in concert. It's funny that I can remember some things crystal-clear as if they were yesterday. But other things I can't remember at all. I remember saying to Littleone that if we ever broke-up that would be it for me. She said what do you mean? I said as far as serious relationships go. I remember thinking that if we ever broke up I would not have a serious relationship again. I didn't know why I felt that way, but I did. She told me that I was wrong. That I would move on and find someone else quickly. Unfortunately, I was right and she was wrong. I never truly have gotten over all the things that happened in that relationship. I actually cannot think of anything in my life that was as painful as that relationship. And yes, I'm counting the passing away of loved ones and all sorts of life events. But that whole situation was traumatic and unfortunately continues to be. I've recently told someone that I don't think I would date again. They asked me why. And there was a simple reason. I do not and cannot deal with the memories. I still have lots of memories from nine years ago that seem like they happened yesterday. Damn shame.