Asked Her To Leave - MISS Is An Adult - Part 4

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So about a year or two later, I fell through the ceiling at my house and dislocated my shoulder. I was unable to do almost anything by myself. About a week into me being home, I'm in the shower and my neighbor was coming to help me get dressed afterwards. My dad showed up while I was in the shower. He let me know he was here and he would help me after I got out. When I got out of the shower, I walked into the living room to find him to help me get dressed and my mother was sitting there. That kind of threw me off guard. I told her that dad would help me get dressed and I would be back in a minute. My dad and I went to my bedroom and he helped me get dressed.

We went back out into the living room where we all sat down with the TV on. Little things like taking a shower were very painful and took a lot out of me. I needed to rest a bit because I was in a lot of pain. She made some small talk and then said she wanted to talk about the abortion comment. I sort of felt like she waited until I was not feeling well. And why wait two years to bring it up? I said I did not feel well. And I did not want to talk about it, and there was really nothing to talk about other than for her to say she was sorry.

She stated that I actually had miss understood the whole thing. That's when I said, "You can talk about anything else but we're not going to talk about that. Plus, I think it is total crap that you would have to explain to your son that he misunderstood an abortion comment." She continued to insist that we were going to talk about it now. I insisted that we were not going to talk about it now. Again, I stated she could talk about anything else but now was not a good time and if she continued I would have to ask her to leave.

She persisted.  I got up and asked her to get up and I walked her to the door. I did learn something along time ago. You never have to accept unacceptable behavior. That's the last time I saw her or spoke to her. I have this feeling that if she were really sorry she would write me a letter or something.

Those are just two little snippets of my life growing up. I just don't know why I would be a tad bit insecure or have trust issues, do you? I have told MISS both of those stories plus more. I think it's only fair to let people know a little bit about yourself if you're asking them to commit to you and not hurt you so they understand the full gravity of why certain things are so important to you. So that's why when she didn't honor her commitment, it hurts especially deep. Also, I really thought MISS was different. I really trusted her for some reason. Maybe because we were friends a long time before we ever dated. Another thing about MISS I want to clear up. I am so sick and tired of people telling me to cut her a little slack because she's so close to her family. People tell me I don't understand because I wasn't close to my family. Well let me tell you what I do understand.

1. MISS is an adult. So it's time to think a little bit for yourself and about what you want and about what makes you happy. 

2. We were just dating. That's what people do is they date.

3. I wasn't and I don't want to take her away from her family. After all, I'm the one who went to El Paso to be with her so she could be with her family for Christmas.

4. Her family may not like who she chooses to date but they will always love her no matter what.

5. How much self respect or self confidence could she possibly have or be building for herself if she continues to be controlled by her family?

So mostly what I wanted to say is I do realize that this whole situation has to do with me more than it does her. I do think it's kind of crappy that she didn't even say goodbye. I also think it's kind of crappy that I still haven't heard anything from her. At the same time what could she really say at this point that would make a difference? I would never trust her again to not do to me what she has done. I think that's what upsets me the most. I begged her not to do anything that would make this non-repairable. She knows all the stories you just read and even more. So that's what really hurts is she didn't even love me or care about me to sit down and have a conversation and say goodbye.

To put the cherry on top, MISS knows about some of these other things ex-girlfriend's have done to me. She always assured me she would not do that to me, that she loved and cared for me. I have one word for that. Crap. 

My behavior. I have one word for that........  Part 5 Coming Soon 

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