Before Part 2 - One Month Ago

So before Part 2 comes out a few little updates. Exactly one month ago today is the last time I saw MISS, in a good way I guess you could call it. A few little things she will remember.

1. Way too much garlic in that chicken
2. The room being very hot but it didn't matter because we still wanted to be close
3. The lie about the hotel room
4. Shania Twain clothing
5. To answer your question about The Gap clothing I am a size medium
6. Remember the phones being turned off

It's kind of funny how much things can change in a month.

Today also marks the end of the health challenge MISS and I had together. I met my goal, and lost an extra 4 pounds. It's really not that hard to follow through on your commitments.
I went all the way to El Paso and never did get to actually talk to you. If you'll remember I did not sleep well that last night. You asked why. I said because I was afraid this would be the last time I actually saw you. You told me I was just being silly, of course you would not let that happen. I hate it when I'm right. Just remember you are where you are because that's where you want to be.

I have this app on my iPhone called little memory. It's pretty cool, the idea is you just put in a few things that you want to remember about the day. The app popped up today and said that this is what I wrote exactly one month ago.

MISS asked me to go home and not go to church with her or meet her friends or her mother. She lied to me by lying to her mother today. I put my credit card down and she told her mother she paid for it. She's a liar.

This is scheduled to come out and a later post. But I'm going to put it out now and give her a chance to at least make this right.

Cheesy video, but I really like the song.
Happiness Is For As Long As It Last - Terry McMillian

We had an arrangement for the iPhone. You chose not to honor that arrangement and commitment. Not only have you not honored your arrangement and commitment, you reported the iPhone lost or stolen which makes it useless for me or anyone else. So I can't even sell it to get the money that I have in it. So anytime you want to send me a check that would be nice and appropriate. Or call and unreport it lost or stolen because it is not lost or stolen, you know exactly where it is. Stop lying (you know the arrangement, and I know the arrangement). Don't ever say you felt like it was mine or something like that, you know exactly what the deal was.

She never has said to this day she was even sorry. I have said and I will say again that I am sorry. Some of my actions were not admirable. I am very sorry. Most of all I'm sorry that ever got involved in your life for your sake. It appears that you were and are not ready for a adult relationship on so many levels. I should've recognize that, so for that I will apologize. For what it's worth surely you know none of this stuff would even bother me if I didn't really care about you. I completely adored you.