Birthday - Husband - Brown Boots

I know it's actually January 2 but I wanted to send it out a little early to see if you had any responses???

Today is her birthday. MISS likes to spend all significant/important days with her family. After all that is who she is going to cuddle up with at night. That's who she is building a future with. One of her friends said it best, "Because in the end, it's you and your husband. Not you and your parents.
We are supposed to live with them under their direction forever. Don't let your parents ruin that option for you." Maybe I should see if the friend is single?

You know what gets me the most, is that I was very honest with her about things. She made all these promises that she would never hurt me in the way that I've been hurt before and it's like she waits till the perfect time and does exactly that!? I've done some things in the past week or so. I hope that she knows there really was a reason behind the things that I did. She knows me very well so I hope that she understands. I am sorry. Not that it really matters anyway. I really did think she was different. She also knows that things only get worse with time not better. Make sure you go and check out the comments on the previous post. I always told her that you can't wait for better days to come. Because better days never do come. When you find something good you have to hold on tight. TogetherTogether. I wrote this and it was edited a date or two ago.

Just like when MISS emailed me I never dreamed that she was even still thinking of me. Well literally a week before MISS emailed me I asked this girl out at a doctors office. She told me she would go but she had a boyfriend. I had to call today to reschedule something today and she asked me if the offer was still open? She had been flirtatious ever since I asked her out but I told her that I was very interested in a girl in Abilene. She asked me how my deal in El Paso went. I had told her I was going. I told her it went awful. She said her Christmas did not go good either. So by the time you are reading this we are probably watching the movie The Hobbit. Hopefully she won't criticize the restaurant I take her to, the clothes that I wear, the way that I drive, and everything else she can find wrong with me. That tends to kill the romance rather quickly.

Another thing that kills romance real fast is when you're in an intimate moment and the other person answers the cell phone or looks at the text message. That kills the romance in one nano second. I hope she wears something other than sweats and a hoodie, with her hair pulled up. I have this feeling she will. It will probably go nowhere but at least it gets me out of the house. She's from Dallas. I thought she was going to be home for the entire break. But she told me she didn't want to be with her family for six weeks. (she said they would drive her crazy). She wanted to spend some of her time off with friends. Which actually makes total sense. Most college girls think this way.

I know it's bad to ask this but you do have good taste. You know that new blue button-down shirt I just got? I got one just like it in white. The blue one or the white one? Brown boots or the black shoes? Thanks - Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoy it without me. There's only one thing I wanted to be doing on your birthday but you fixed that right up.